Ecosuite A

Ecosuite B

Ecosuite C1

Ecosuite C2

Hydromassage pool

Heated hydromassage minipool for an exclusive use.

Autonomy energy

Energy production and storage system.

Autonomy food

Indoor hydroponic form of  fruit and vegetable production.

Electric car charging

Possibility to charge its car for free.

Eco Suites & SPA offers a sustainable future, exclusive open space,
with all the comforts of a luxury hotel suite.

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Private hydromassage pool

In the Ecosuite A and B there is a heated whirlpool that can accommodate up to 4 people for an exclusive use. The pool is located on the suite wood outdoor terrace, it is protected and reserved and it is possible to get indirectly from the Suite, it is located right outside the entrance.

Autonomy energy

The Ecosuite A is connected to a production and energy storage system that fully satisfy the energy needs of the living environment, including the electromagnetic induction kitchen, lighting, summer/winter air conditioning and hot water. This allows the Ecosuite to be disconnected from the electricity network and gas and so therefore can be positioned if necessary even on a desert island.

Autonomy food

Solar and photovoltaic system also direct rainwater in a tank, where it is filtered and distilled in order to provide water to the indoor hydroponic form of controlled and automated production of fruit and vegetables, produced throughout the year, they are grown peppers, garden egg , green beans, strawberries, celery, parsley, radishes and lettuce.

Electric car charging

The surplus energy, produced independently, a part from being stored in the batteries, it is optionally transferred for free of charge to the batteries of an electric car, in case  the customer were equipped, in order to be able to charge slowly (1kW5A max) their cars during their stay . It is possible to connect its cars with a normal standard household plug.